About Us
We are a think tank in the Kingdom of Bahrain dedicated to encouraging the use of research and dialogue to inform policy makers and interest groups and to increase understanding of current and emerging international issues in the pursuit of a prosperous and peaceful world for all. In today’s rapidly changing world of opportunities and challenges, we aim to build bridges between differing perspectives, create forums for open debate, use strategic insight to enhance understanding and to promote new thinking and independent thought that can generate creative solutions for our future peace, security and stability.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy rests on the following pillars:

Recognizing the Complexities of Successful Communication:

We see effective communication as a complex arena in which a broad tool box of strategies are required that can create neutral forums bringing together influential thinkers for free, open dialogue encouraging critical reflection of today’s challenges and opportunities for peace and security.

Recognizing the Importance of Research and Analysis:

We believe that by supporting independent, innovative research, we can help bridge the gap between research and policy practice: driving policy decision making that is relevant and effective. Research based on analytical research should continually foster new ideas thereby exposing the plethora of differing perspectives and challenging the decision-making process.

Recognizing the Value of Sharing Knowledge and Understanding:

We consider the nurturing of networks of knowledgeable and committed individuals, corporate entities, governments, international and regional organizations and civil society groups as crucial to building shared vision. We see this as being achieved not just through publishing and disseminating knowledge and information but by holding conferences and other diverse forums that can encourage the sharing and dissemination of knowledge and voicing of constructive opinions.

Recognizing the Value of Encouraging Best Practice:

We consider our greatest asset to be our people and are dedicated to developing a cadre of articulate and scholarly individuals in Bahrain with high standards of integrity and capacity to meet international standards of best practice in all fields within the scope of our organization.