Strategic Plan
Bahrain Center for Strategic and International Studies and Energy (Derasat) was established as a specialized and independent think tank in December 2009; in order to monitor, study, analyze, and follow-up all the strategic developments regionally and internationally; to extract short and long term indicators, which are politically, economically, socially and security affecting all the dynamic interests of the Kingdom of Bahrain.

The Strategic Plan of "DERASAT" represents a comprehensive and integrated vision and framework for the next five years, to assists in achieving the goals of the Center, which have been aspired to reach by 2018 through determining the center's work path, setting priorities, and constructing special projects.

“DERASAT” Strategy has been developed by the support of a close collaboration with the SRI International, an American Institute that has been chosen for its great experience in conducting this type of studies for several research centers and think tanks around the world.