International & Geopolitical Studies

The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries have been playing a significant role globally for a considerable amount of time and for numerous reasons, the most important of which are their unique geographical location along European-Asian trade routes, and the abundance of natural resources within their lands. The GCC economies strengthened considerably during the start of the new millennium due to the increase in oil prices and some success in terms of economic diversification. Moreover, they took on a more established regional role after the 2008 global financial crisis. These trends were reflected in the economic developments experienced by the Kingdom of Bahrain, most notably its transformation into a global financial capital for Islamic banking, and its ability to attract international capital that is looking for new opportunities outside the depressed European economy.

Based on the above, the International and Geo-Political Studies Program researches international affairs relating to Bahrain and the GCC countries, especially those pertaining to political and economic issues, and their implications for national, regional, and global security. The relationship between Bahrain and the global economy is central, as are issues relating to the oil and financial sectors, and the move toward economic integration underway for the GCC countries. Beyond this, the Program also investigates the effects of the latest geo-political developments on the interests of Bahrain and the GCC countries.

Due to the Kingdom of Bahrain’s geographical idiosyncrasies, there is a relative dearth of substantive research focusing on its economic affairs. Consequently, the Program aims to fill this gap, producing work that is tailored to the needs of Bahraini and GCC policymakers.

The Program will achieve these goals by producing innovative, peer-reviewed research in the areas of international, geo-political, and economic affairs, in addition to meticulous and informative reports. Beyond these goals, the Program will hold seminars and workshops with local, regional, and international participants known for their substantive contributions to the Program’s area of focus.


Delivering unique knowledge and analyses within the Program’s scope with the aim of assisting Bahraini and Gulf policymakers in making the best decisions that depend upon international and geo-political considerations.


  • Producing substantive research on Bahraini and Gulf international, geo-political, and economic affairs
  • Producing research within the area of Bahraini and Gulf international, geo-political, and economic affairs according to the interests of Bahraini and Gulf policymakers
  • Creating a platform for exchanging viewpoints concerning Bahraini and Gulf international and geo-political affairs
  • Developing the scientific research skills of young Bahrainis

Program Goals

  • Producing research on Bahraini and Gulf international, geo-political, and economic affairs for publication in international, peer-reviewed journals or according to the requirements of Bahraini and GCC policymakers
  • Producing regular reports on Bahraini and Gulf international, geo-political, and economic affairs that fulfill the needs of Bahraini and Gulf policymakers
  • Holding seminars and workshops for individuals relating to the Program’s areas of focus, and for researchers and those interested in international and geo-political studies
  • Partnering with Bahrain youth in a variety of the Program’s activities with the goal of developing their skills and producing a Bahraini taskforce specializing in international and geo-political studies

Program Duties

  • Launching a monthly bulletin that tracks Bahrain’s latest economic developments
  • Launching a quarterly report analyzing the Bahrain economy’s most important developments
  • Cooperating with serious Bahraini and Gulf organizations to expand the Program’s capabilities in its area of specialization
  • Developing the Program’s junior researchers by involving them in the process of producing research