Surveys & Opinion Polls

Surveys & Opinion Polls

The Surveys & Opinion Polls Directorate is concerned with measuring the attitudes of public opinion and carrying out accurate and impartial surveys on local, regional and international issues. The goal is to support research and assist policy makers and government officials in making decisions based on facts and an evidence-based, scientific approach. The directorate has a ‘Call Center’ that collects the data required for analysis by making phone calls and/or sending e-mails as well as conducting personal interviews with members of sample groups.

Summary of Aims

  • Monitoring and measuring the views and attitudes of the Bahraini society on issues of political, economic and social importance.
  • Enhancing the role of opinion polls in the decision-making and policy-making processes in public and private sector institutions.
  • Disseminating the culture of opinion polls and highlighting its important role in assisting decision-makers through providing them with accurate and relevant information and constructive analysis that supports development plans and programs aimed at upgrading the services of public and private sector institutions.
  • Building databases and providing statistics in targeted sectors.

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