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    With the US Presidential elections set to take place in a year’s time and with the growing disillusionment with the Obama administration and troubles in the region; to the GCC, understanding who may win is of vital importance. Most of the perceived damage caused by President Obamas’ regional inaction will be passed on to his

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    The Syrian conflict continues to deteriorate, with estimates suggesting a death toll in excess of 300,000, in addition to millions of refugees. The conflict has been extremely internationalized, not just in terms of the diplomatic attention that it has attracted, but also in terms of the staggering variety of foreign troops officially and unofficially operating

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    The surge in shale oil supply has changed previous perceptions of oil market dynamics. The US shale oil industry succeeded in doubling US oil output in a few years, specifically after the 2008 financial crisis and up to 2014. Shale oil projects differ completely from conventional oil projects in terms of size and the time

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    The Gulf countries are taking steps toward monetary union. The continuing Greek debt crisis has caused major problems for the European single currency. It also presents useful lessons for the Gulf countries as they plan their own single currency. This article was originally published in RUSI Newsbrief (Vol. 35, No. 5, September 2015)

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    In July 2015, the P5 + 1 countries reached a deal on the Iranian nuclear program and on the lifting of economic sanctions imposed upon Iran. This important development in Middle Eastern strategy led to extensive commentary from many different stakeholders, including the governments of the US, Israel, Iran, and the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC)

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  • 17.5%

    Increase in the value of the Bahraini Dinar in February 2015 compared to February

  • 3.8%

    Bahrain’s unemployment rate during December 2014

  • 5.1%

    Bahrain’s annual GDP growth during the third quarter of 2014

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