Dr. Muhammed Ahmed Alhammadi

Dr. Mohammed Ahmed

Senior Research Fellow and Director of the Historical Studies Directorate at the Bahrain Center for Strategic, International and Energy Studies “Derasat”.  He was previously the Director of the Centre for Bahrain Studies at the University of Bahrain. He served as Assistant Secretary-General for Cabinet Affairs and a member of the Board of Trustees of the Institute for Political Development, Acting Secretary-General of the Award for Service to Humanity and a consultant to the United Nations Human Settlements Program. He is a member of a number of regional and international scientific societies and member of the editorial staff of academic geographical and historical journals. He has arbitrated a number of books, and research papers. In addition he published a number of scientific publications of books and research papers submitted to conferences, seminars and workshops on the political geography and modern history of Bahrain and the Arabian Gulf. He is a University Professor, D.Phil. in Political Geography from the University of Oxford, UK, 1988. He received the First Order of Excellence in December 2012.

Main Publications

– “Climatic Fluctuations and Natural Disaster in Arabia between the Mid-17th and early 20th Centuries”, Geojournal, V. 37, No. 1, September 1995.

The Regional Identity of Bahrain: A Historical-Geographical study, Annals of the Faculty of Arts, v. xvi, Monograph 16, Kuwait: Kuwait University.

Tarikh Al Bahrain Al Hadith (1500-2002AD.) (in Arabic), in partnership with Bashir Zain Al ‘Abidin, Bahrain: University of Bahrain, Centre for Historical Studies, 2008.

Al Qaid Al Muqati Al Shaikh ‘Ali bin Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa (1230-1286 A.H./ 1814-1869 AD.)  (in Arabic), in partnership with Bashir Zain Al ‘Abidin, Bahrain: University of Bahrain, Centre for Historical Studies, 2010.

Al-Khalifa’s Rule in the Qatar Peninsula: A Study in Political Geography (in Arabic), Annal of the Centre For Bahrain Studies, University of Bahrain, Bahrain, March 2019.

– “The Traditional Concept of Territoriality among the Dawasir in Bahrain 1845-1928 AD/ 1261-1346 AH” (in Arabic), Liwa Journal, No. 22, 10th edition, December 2019, National Archives, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.