Fatima Jassim Al Thawadi

fatima Management

Fatima Jassim Al Thawadi holds more than 25 years of practical experience and diverse professional knowledge in the field of finance, administrative leadership, human resources, and information technology with a demonstrated excellence, efficiency, and accomplishment in those fields.

She served as Assistant Undersecretary for Resources and Services at the Ministry of Information and then as a Development Advisor in the Government Sector, where she managed several important strategic projects at the national level, chaired and participated in the membership of several national and regional committees related to development, leadership, strategic planning, and management of human and financial resources inside and outside the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Through her experience, Al Thawadi contributed to many successful projects in the field of human and financial resources in Bahrain and played a prominent role in adapting current procedures in this vital sector, which aided to reducing expenditures, developing new financial sources, and organizational restructuring according to standardised scientific methodologies, in addition to developing laws and regulations to improve government work efficiently and effectively.

Her experience is compounded with her background in accounting studies, as well as being a certified public accountant at the American Society of Certified Public Accountants and the Arab Society of Certified Public Accountants. She currently works as a Director of Resources and Services Directorate at the Bahrain Center for Strategic, International and Energy Studies “Derasat”.