International Youth Conference Kicks Off

The seventh edition of the International Youth Conference kicked off today under the patronage of Personal Representative of His Majesty the King for Charity Work and Youth Affairs, Chairman of the Supreme Council for Youth and Sport and President of Bahrain Olympic Committee Shaikh Nasser bin Hamad Al Khalifa. The event, organised by the General Organisation for Youth and Sports under the theme “the Media and Culture of the Youth”, kick-started with discussion sessions on youngsters’ bahaviour and the effects of modern mass media on the youth. Bahrain News Agency (BNA) Acting Director General Mohannad Al Nuaimi, who was one of the keynote speakers, emphasised the influential role of the social communication websites in rearing youngsters and equipping them with the right behavioural habits. However, he pointed out that those websites have regrettably become a means of disclosing false information which negatively affects the youngsters’ behaviour, psychology, family and social relations and work performance. Yet, the BNA Acting Director General said that despite the misgivings of the social communication websites, they remain a useful means for the Arab youth to serve their interests and issues providing they are turned to their best account. (BNA)

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