Opinion Poll: Assessing the Bahraini Community’s Awareness of Food Product Ingredients

Opinion Poll: Assessing the Bahraini Community's Awareness of Food Product Ingredients

The food is considered a fundamental factor for maintaining and promoting health. Awareness of the components of various food products helps individuals understand the nutritional content of products, enabling them to make suitable food purchases based on their health conditions. Lack of awareness of how to choose healthy food can lead to health and economic problems for families, affecting food security policies and community food planning.

The Bahrain Center for Strategic, International, and Energy Studies (Derasat) conducted a survey on “Measuring the Awareness of the Bahraini Community Regarding Food Product Ingredients” on a representative sample of Bahraini males and females aged eighteen and above. The sample consisted of 713 individuals, and their opinions were surveyed from April to June 2023 through 10 questions aimed at:

  1. Measuring the awareness of the Bahraini community regarding the components of food products.
  2. Verifying the commitment to reading food data labels.
  3. Identifying the components that most concern consumers.
  4. Ranking consumer priorities in choosing food products.

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