Saudi King Salman Unveils Policy Agenda

King Salman bin Abdulaziz of Saudi Arabia unveiled on Tuesday his domestic and foreign policy agenda, vowing to work towards “balanced and comprehensive development ” and defend Arab and Islamic issues. “Your country-all thanks to Allah- has steadily been traveling the path of growth and development, holding fast to the principles of its pure faith, and adhering to the original nature and tenants of this society,” the king said in the beginning of his address. The king, who was sworn in January, said: “We shall work continually towards the integrated, balanced and comprehensive development in all regions of the Kingdom..” The king said he would work to achieve “justice for all citizens, and provision of opportunities for all to achieve their legitimate aspirations and wishes in accordance with the State’s regulations and procedures.” “I have instructed the Minister of Interior to emphasize to Governors of Regions the importance of receiving and listening to citizens, and submitting what they voice of ideas and suggestions serve the country and its citizens and provide them with the means of comfort.” The king said the government will “eliminating all matters that would stratify the society in a way that harms national unity. ” “All citizens are equal in rights and duties,” he said. He said both the security and economic councils should “facilitate all means for the citizens,”  adding that he would not “We will not tolerate any complacency in this regard.” Eradicating corruption The king also vowed to eradicate corruption and hold those responsible accountable. “We have directed that the systems of regulatory bodies be reviewed to enhance their jurisdiction and the performance to better carry out their duties and responsibilities, to contribute to eradicating corruption, save public money, and ensure negligent accounting,” he said. On security, the monarch said: “Security is everyone’s responsibility and will not allow anyone to tamper with our security and stability.” He described security as a great blessing, and said it is the reason for the prosperity and stability of nations. The king also spoke about the Saudi economy when he said: “”We shall be working towards building a solid economy based on strong grounds that will lead to the multiplication of the sources of income. This will lead to better savings and better job opportunities in both the public and private sectors.” “We are going to encourage and support medium and small enterprises to grow, so that these become a strong economic area for a large segment of society,” he added. “Though Oil prices are dropping and affecting the Saudi economy, we are working to limit the effects on the development march. And operations for the exploration of Oil and Gas will continue, with the grace of Allah,” he said. Quick solutions The king also pledged to work on “improving health care services for all citizens throughout the Kingdom, so that health care centers, referral and specialized hospitals will be available to all citizens wherever they are.” With regards to the housing issues, the king said: “We going to implement the speedy practical solutions that provide the suitable housing for citizens.” “In the field of education, we directed that it be developed through an integration between the public and higher education and its right infrastructure be enhanced to ensure the compatibility between the educational output and the needs of job market.” Boosting security Meanwhile, he vowed that to boost security forces’ capabilities to defend the nation, adding that Saudi Arabia is “adhering to the international treaties, conventions and charters.” Saudi Arabia will continue to defend “Arab and Islamic issues in the international forums in various ways, including achievement of what the Kingdom has always sought and will always seek; namely, that the Palestinian people be granted their legitimate rights and be able to establish their independent state with Al-Quds as its capital.” Al Arabiya News

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