The Future of LNG Markets

This research paper entitled “The Future of LNG Markets” by Abdul Aziz Aldoseri talks about the future of LNG markets in light of divergent views. International LNG markets have been growing over the past years, but there are concerns that they may be hit by high prices and frequent turmoil, which could lead to a decline in the role of LNG in the global energy mix. The recent spike in LNG prices have called into question its ability to continue to grow and enhance energy security. This in turn could limit the growth of the LNG sector in comparison to other energy sources such as coal. Further developments in the LNG markets are related to the increase in spot trading ratios, which will enhance the liquidity of these markets and stabilize prices. In addition, other developments such as the rise in the number of countries engaged in LNG trade, which increases the accuracy in determining the prices of LNG in the spot markets.

The paper discusses the structure of LNG markets and the main economics and technical aspects related to this sector and its future in light of these issues and examines the justifications for different views on the future of these markets.


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Abdulaziz AlDosseri Analyst

Abdulaziz Aldoseri, Analyst

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