An Epic of Sacrifice in a Brothers’ Ordeal

An Epic of Sacrifice in a Brothers’ Ordeal

“(An Epic of Sacrifice in a Brothers’ Ordeal), a new edition of  Bahrain Center for Strategic, International and Energy Studies (Derasat). The book focuses on all official and civil Bahraini efforts in response to the invasion and liberation of Kuwait, and the Kingdom’s role in Arab Gulf stability; a role unanimously praised, leading to Kuwait’s freedom and sovereignty against the will of invaders, and strengthening the solidity between Bahrain and Kuwait as a model for brotherly solidarity that enhances joint GCC cooperation.
The book contains five chapters that revolve around historical Bahraini-Kuwaiti relations, military contributions, Bahraini diplomacy to liberate Kuwait, official and civil efforts to aid Kuwaitis who sought refuge in their second country during the Iraqi invasion, as well as the future of bilateral relations, and the prospects of further developing them in various areas.”

An article by Fatima Al-Seddiqi, where she stresses on the importance of such publications, which covers the invasion and liberation of Kuwait and should be constantly shared.


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