An Insight into Bahraini- British Relations During the Reign of Sheikh Hamad Bin Isa Ali Al-Khalifa, The Ruler of Bahrain 1932-1942

The book sheds light on several main themes related to the subject and its time period, including a brief overview of the political development of the Bahraini-British relationship starting from 1816, the view of British politicians on the work and contributions of the British adviser to the Government of Bahrain, Sir Charles Belgrave, and the event that led to the idea of composing a melody project for the Bahraini national anthem on board a British ship boarded by Sheikh Hamad, in addition to researching the issue of the development of Bahraini-British bilateral relations, as the latter moved its naval base in the Arabian Gulf to Bahrain, as well as Sheikh Hamad’s visit to Britain in 1936, which was the first official visit by a ruler of Bahrain to Britain, and one of the most prominent events of the visit was when King Edward VIII bestowed Sheikh Hamad with the Order of the Indian Empire with the rank of commander of knights.

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