Bahrain Minister Hails Public Response to Terror Attacks

Bahrain’s justice and Islamic affairs minister has paid tribute to the “one-family” spirit that has once more characterised Bahrainis after Sunnis and Shiites held joint prayers on Friday in the wake of suicide bomb attacks that targeted Shiite mosques in eastern Saudi Arabia and in Kuwait.

“Bahrainis have set a model of unity in the face of conspirators against the Arab and Islamic nations,” said Shaikh Khalid Bin Ali Al Khalifa. “Bahrain will always remain a model of moderation, harmony, Islamic unity and patriotism. Any extremist, wherever he is in Bahrain, will always find himself isolated,” the minister said on the sidelines of the joint Friday prayers performed at the Grand Mosque in A’ali, south of Manama.

“Bahrain and its people would stand as a bulwark to thwart whoever attempts to subvert their country’s security, undermine national achievements or derail the homeland, which derives its policy from its Islamic religion, Arab identity and civilisational values,” Shaikh Khalid told Bahrain News Agency (BNA).

The minister paid tribute to the people of Bahrain who “expressed strong solidarity with their brothers in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the state of Kuwait in confronting the scourge of terrorism, which reflects their awareness, spirit of fraternity and authentic mettle.”

In his sermon, Shaikh Nasser Khalaf Al Asfoor, the Imam of A’ali Grand Mosque, highlighted the critical situation facing the nation as a result of external dangers and international schemes and plots. He said that Bahrainis following different sects and doctrines have long lived in a land of peace, security, tolerance, solidarity and co-existence and hailed citizens from the two sects who came together for Friday prayers at A’ali Grand Mosque.

He said the region was going through a particularly difficult times, and the common prayers were “a strong message that says Bahrain remains immune to terrorism and all intimidation, and threats will make Bahrainis more united and determined”.

In neighbouring Kuwait too, Sunnis and Shiites held joint prayers on Friday, one week after a suicide bomber killed worshippers at the Al Imam Al Sadeq mosque.

Kuwaitis said they wanted to send out a strong message that their unity would not be undermined by any attempts by terrorist groups or their proxies to disrupt the peace.

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