Global Think Tank Summit 2018: Brussels

Global Think Tank Summit 2018: Brussels

Derasat Chairman attended the recent Global Think Tank Summit in Brussels organised by the Think Tank and Civil Societies Program at the University of Pennsylvania, USA and Bruegel, a leading European think tank based in Brussels, 7th – 9th November, 2018.

During a session he underlined the key role played by think tanks in supporting policies aimed at promoting peace and sustainable development and in the active role required of civil society institutions in addition to the value of coordination and exchange of experiences in meeting common challenges. He pointed out a call by His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, on the responsibility of think tanks to contribute to shaping the present and future by working out long-term strategies that can boost security and stability in the Middle East.

Dr. Abdulla bin Ahmed Al Khalifa also cast light on cross-border challenges such as security threats in light of major regional and international changes and the spread of terrorism and extremism supported by rogue countries. He pointed out that a victory against ISIS (Daesh) does not mean an imminent end to terrorism as sources of extremist ideology are still active and terrorism evolves and takes non-traditional ways.

He went on to speak about the risks of hot spots in the Middle East, calling to establish a link between security, growth and reform so as to work out an active and sustainable strategy. He pointed out that DERASAT has taken the initiative, in cooperation with a number of regional think tanks, to launch a document titled “Thought in the Service of Peace and Growth” which aims to promote peace, sustainable development and moderation.

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