Workshop on Regional Security Perspectives in the Gulf Region

Workshop on Regional Security Perspectives in the Gulf Region

16 January 2023

The Bahrain Center for Strategic, International and Energy Studies (Derasat) organized a special workshop entitled “Regional Security Perspectives in the Gulf Region”, in partnership with the United Nations Institute for Disarmament Research (UNIDIR), which discussed the risks of the proliferation of qualitative weapons and weapons of mass destruction, and the protection of the region and its navigation movement from its consequences, at Derasat’s headquarters in Awali on Sunday, January 15, 2023.

In his opening speech at the workshop, Dr. Hamad Ebrahim Al-Abdullah, Executive Director of Derasat, stressed that the current regional and global developments have reaffirmed that the security of the Gulf is the core of global security, and therefore maintaining the security and stability of that region is a strategic interest for all countries of the world, not only for its continued oil importance, but also for its supervision of the vital sea lanes of the global economy, as well as its trade and investment relations with many countries of the world.

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