Social Media: Impacts on Arabian Gulf Youth and Governments

The “Arab Spring” epitomized the use of social media networks. Internet-based spheres have demonstrably facilitated civil movements throughout the Arab World. One of the effects has been youth empowerment in the Gulf Cooperation Council states. Networked public spheres have created forums for relatively free forms of self-expression, blossoming into the creation of a highly developed online media apparatus. Elevated regional broadband penetration rates led to the development and proliferation of social networks.

Youth usage of social media led to new technologically centric social interactions that contrast traditional dynamics. The disparity provides an alternative source of information that is highly interactive and real-time in nature. As a result, governments in the region are seeking methods to appropriately respond to and engage in such sophisticated spheres.

The paper investigated why social media was able to grow so rapidly in the region and identify the effects on youth, and government responses in the region.

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