Call to Community to Join Global Campaign for Cancer Awareness

Bahrain Center for Strategic, International, & Energy Studies (Derasat) calls on the community to join the global campaign for cancer awareness and a survey is underway to determine if early screening for breast and prostate cancers is provided through insurance health care.

The study aims to determine whether everyone is aware of this service, and whether having it as part of their health benefits would encourage them to partake in regular screening examinations. It also would determine whether early screening costs prevent people from undergoing this examination.

The study will commence on the second week of October and the results will be announced in the second week of November 2018; it will target both men and women at ages ranging from 35 – 60.

The results from this survey should provide access to unique data that will make it possible to provide community stakeholders with useful information on this important topic.

To participate in this survey please visit this link:

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