Derasat Launches Video Game Survey

Derasat Launches Video Game Survey

Derasat Launches Videogame Survey Among Children and Teenagers

January 18, 2019

The Bahrain Center for Strategic, International and Energy Studies ‘Derasat’ will conduct a survey in February to map the pros and cons of videogames; now a social phenomenon that calls for observing and monitoring, especially with rising concerns regarding the effects on children, adolescents and youth in general, and parents’ continuous complaints that a large sector of youngsters have an excessive tendency to spend long periods playing videogames.

The study – performed by a team of Derasat polling specialists – will survey a large segment of individuals aged between 10 and 18 years in all governorates, to spot their practices and patterns in playing videogames, and the behavioral and physical effects they undergo, while searching for the value system this phenomenon nurtures in this segment.

The survey aims to collect field data on the characteristics and dimensions of this phenomenon, identify its causes and controlling factors, and deducing outcomes for future dissemination, in light of the widespread and rising demand for videogames among kids and adults, and the long hours they spend playing them, to the extent of addiction.

The research study attempts to monitor the relationship between violent behavior and violent scenes during gameplay, which depict a disturbing aspect of entertainment in killing other characters and destroying property, and the impacts of simulation and familiarity in developing violent tendencies and hostility in kids and teenagers, who are expected to form their societies’ future productive potential.

Mr. Katadah Abdul Hameed Zaman, Derasat’s Executive Director, said, “Videogames are a global pastime and a huge entertainment industry, to which our children are inevitably exposed, yet we need to analyze the positive and negative aspects to establish a constructive balance.”

He explained that the study sought more understanding for the Bahraini context of this social phenomenon, with an envisioned strategy as the main outcome to limit negative aspects of this practice, backed by scientific and statistical evidence for decision-makers in education to decide the suitable solutions away from general impressions that are normally part of the generational gap.

“Derasat’s effort to survey users in this age group aims to identify in advance general trends created by this phenomenon,” he said, stressing that the Kingdom of Bahrain continuous pursuit to keep pace with modern requirements while preserving its specific values, and the Leadership’s commitment to the next generation’s best interests and opportunities.

Mrs. Ejlal Essa Bubshait, Derasat’s Opinion Polls Director, described the study as, “An opportunity to monitor factors that create negative trends, providing a supply of data and information crucial for the resulting awareness programs to improve dealing with this experience, to ensure our youth exclusively benefit from this use of such widespread technology.”

“Survey results will aid decision-makers, academics and intellectuals in examining the concept of videogames in this context, and seriously analyze it to come up with positive opportunities to invest in and build on this technology, to serve society and isolate the negative attributes in videogames,” She added.


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