Opinion Poll on Organ Donation in the Kingdom of Bahrain

Opinion Poll on Organ Donation in the Kingdom of Bahrain

Organ donation has numerous societal and health benefits, as it can save the lives of many patients suffering from kidney, liver, lung, and other diseases that require organ transplantation and replacement. By donating organs, individuals can alleviate their suffering, relieve their pain, and restore hope in their lives. However, organ donation is a controversial topic in Bahraini society, with various health, religious, and social dimensions. To support policy decisions and provide statistical data reflecting the opinions of Bahraini society on this issue, the idea of conducting a survey by DERASAT, the Bahrain Center for Strategic, International, and Energy Studies, emerged. The survey was administered to a representative sample of Bahraini males and females and consisted of 12 questions. Its objectives were to:

  • Measure and assess the societal attitudes towards organ donation.
  • Determine the community’s stance on organ donation.
  • Gather public opinion on the establishment of a specialized center for organ transplantation and transplantation.

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To view the full report, please contact us by Email: surveys@DERASAT.ORG.BH

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