Poll on Rational Use of Water & Electricity

Poll on Rational Use of Water & Electricity

Derasat plans to conduct an Opinion Poll on the rationalization of electricity and water consumption

Sep 18, 2019

The Bahrain Center for International, Strategic and Energy Studies ‘Derasat’ plans to run an opinion poll on the rationalization of electricity and water consumption, in support of the efforts being made by the Electricity and Water Authority in this regard.

The Executive Director of Derasat, Mr. Katadah Abdulhameed Zaman said, “This study comes as part of the center’s duty towards increasing the public’s understanding of issues that have significance on the future of Bahrain’s sustainability. Short and medium term solutions will be presented by analyzing the statistical data related to the study, with the aim to support decision makers to reach realistic and applicable modifications to current practice.”

“Derasat will continue to use its resources and capacities to provide scientific and methodological research to provide recommendations that support Bahrain’s future sustainability.”

Mrs. Ejlal Bubshait, Director, Surveys and Opinion Polls at Derasat, said “The survey aims to measure the level of awareness of the Bahraini public regarding electricity and water consumption and to investigate the commitment demonstrated by the people to practice methods of rationalization.“

She added, “This study intends to highlight the realities of negligent usage of those utilities during peak months such as the summer, and attempts to demonstrate the negative impacts of consuming vital conveniences in such a neglectful manner.”

The results of this study will be presented as practical and feasible proposals to contribute to the conservation of resources and sustainability of energy.

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