Survey by Derasat reveals 95% support Royal directives in countering the Coronavirus

Survey by Derasat reveals 95% support Royal directives in countering the Coronavirus

In a comprehensive survey conducted by ‘Derasat’: 95% assert the efficiency of Royal directives in countering the coronavirus and spreading assurance and a unifying national spirit among society

April 8th, 2020

A survey conducted by the Bahrain Center for Strategic, International and Energy Studies ‘Derasat’ revealed the efficiency of Royal directives issued by His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al-Khalifa, King of the Kingdom of Bahrain, in countering the coronavirus, and spreading peace and assurance, and a unifying national spirit among society, by combining official and civilian efforts to counter the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis. 95 percent of the survey sample admitted that His Majesty’s directions greatly contributed in enhancing their trust in the possibility of countering the implications of this global crisis and prevailing.

 The survey, the largest of its kind with a 10546 sample of individuals from various segments, revealed “record support” for the preventative measures taken by the Kingdom of Bahrain to counter the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), and the national efforts of ‘Team Bahrain’, capably and successfully led by His Royal Highness Prince Salman bin Hamad Al-Khalifa, Crown Prince, Deputy Supreme Commander and First Deputy Prime Minister, to protect the health and safety of all. 87 percent of the survey sample described the performance of ‘Team Bahrain’ as excellent, while 95 percent considered themselves part of the ‘Team’.

Results demonstrated support from most of the survey sample for the procedures implemented to combat the spread of the coronavirus, among which 97 percent supported the decision to suspend education in all schools and universities. 99 percent supported postponing travel except for top emergencies, and another 99 percent were in favor of quarantining passengers arriving from countries with wide viral outbreaks, while 96 percent supported 14-day home-quarantining for passengers generally arriving during this period.

Survey results also revealed the big success in media management by the National Campaign to Combat the Coronavirus, with 90 percent of those surveyed having acknowledged its transparency, clarity, responsiveness and integrity, with high reliance on the Campaign for information.

The survey study showed high levels of awareness regarding the symptoms and transmission methods of the coronavirus, accompanied by an increase in changing social habits; especially adopting healthy habits to counter the disease, such as social distancing, the use of sanitizers and masks, avoiding gatherings and socializing with others, focusing on home-cooked meals, and other healthy habits. These acquired norms reflected the efficiency of the National Campaign in achieving societal response among surveyed individuals, proven by their keenness to recirculating such information on a wider base.

Survey results have shown that some social behaviors were unaffected by the crisis, such as buying foodstuff, online shopping within Bahrain, buying vitamin and mineral supplements, and practicing sports at home.

In their response to the first step they would take when noticing coronavirus symptoms, 84 percent stated that they would call the 444 hotline and home-quarantine themselves in a special room. 12 percent said they would visit the nearest healthcare center, while 4 percent mentioned they would take fever medication.

Dr. Shaikh Abdulla bin Ahmed Al-Khalifa, Chairman of the Center’s Board of Trustees, said that this survey, and other studies, research and intellectual events, reflect Derasat’s efforts to fulfill its commitment to its national role in supporting current decisions, on objective grounds based on recent periodical information, through a continuous work methodology that responds to the public pulse, based on societal partnership. He said surveys form a vital mechanism to identify public opinion and trends, and note remarks and aspirations.

He stressed that these strenuous Derasat efforts interpret the vision of the wise Bahraini Leadership, and their directions to utilize disciplined knowledgeable work as an essential entry point for any decisions taken, confirming the thorough study of all interactions and variables in the Bahraini society to form an accurate and thorough picture to help with correct timely decisions, and a commitment from a command position, to a priority of the safety and security of Bahraini citizens everywhere, and all residents of the Kingdom, and serving sustainable development.

Dr. Shaikh Abdulla emphasized that the wise and exceptional leadership of His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al-Khalifa provided safety to the Kingdom of Bahrain, amid an unprecedented global crisis. He added that national efforts to contain dangers of the Novel Coronavirus have succeeded in curbing the outbreak, through the one-team spirit.

Derasat’s Chairman also explained that this survey study comes amid the Center’s response to and interaction with national efforts to contain the implications of the coronavirus crisis. These efforts included conducting various strategic and economic studies. He thanked the Center’s team for their continuous readiness to spend vigorous efforts as required by the current situation, in the form of continuous monitoring and unique initiatives.

The survey sample covered different age groups, educational backgrounds from both genders, spanning all Governorates of the Kingdom.


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