From Productivity to Competitiveness

From Productivity to Competitiveness

Improving productivity and competitiveness was the topic of a Think Talk at Derasat by Mr. Ebrahim Al Tamimi, Director of Information at the Court of HRH the Prime Minister, that took place on Wednesday 8th January at 10.30am at Derasat.

The Think Talk focused on the multiple mechanisms provided by the state to support productive families so that they can contribute effectively to the national economy.

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Mr. Ebrahim Al Tamimi
Director of Information, Court of HRH the Prime Minister

Ebrahim Ali Al-Tamimi is Director of Information at the Court of HRH the Prime Minister, where he also manages the Bahrain Program for Best Governmental Practices. He previously worked for Nuetel and British Telecom, as well as managing broad networks for the Central Informatics Organization.

He holds a Master’s degree in Public Administration and Government Policies from the Institute of Public Management and Territorial Governance at Aix-Marseille University in France, and another Master’s degree in Engineering Management from George Washington University in the United States. His Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology is from the University of Bahrain.

Mr. Al Tamimi specialized in performance measurement strategies and enhancing productivity, as well as implementing best practices in managing performance indicators. From there he moved on to managing content for outstanding service, innovative problem solving, and developing corporate reputation.

He documented best governmental practices for the period 1973-2018, and produced a regional award-winning radio series to raise awareness. He also published a compilation of pioneering global government practices in 2015, followed by a study of poor families’ contribution in GDP and creating government reputation.

Mr. Al Tamimi is a committee member in governance, national information, and training. He is an appraiser of nominees for national medals and government awards in the Kingdom of Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates. He is also a Cisco-certified trainer in communications science.

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