Dr. Ashraf Mohammed Keshk


Dr Keshk is a Research Fellow and Head of  Strategic & International Studies with Derasat and was previously Director of the Diplomatic Center for Strategic Studies in Egypt (Cairo branch). Dr Keshk has held the post of Fellow at the NATO Defence College, Rome specialising on Iran, Iraq and regional security and was also a researcher for the Egyptian Parliament and later worked for the Gulf Center for Strategic Studies in Cairo, specialising in regional and Gulf security. Dr Keshk regularly contributes studies and articles to the Al Ahram Center for Political and Strategic Studies, Egypt and has supervised and authored many studies on strategic and security issues. He obtained his Bachelors in Political Science and his Doctorate, which focused on Gulf Security, from Cairo University.

Research, Analyses and Events

Gulf States and Disaster Response Strategies
Disaster Response Strategies
Strategic Planning and National Security
Oil Facilities Protection Strategies
The impact of military technology on defense
Russian Military Strategy 2023
The seas are a source of wealth and an arena for conflicts
Outcomes of the 18th Manama Dialogue
Participating in the Parliamentary and Municipal Elections: Domestic and Foreign Messages
Military Technology: A New Formula for Conflicts
NATO and the Iran-Deterrence Policy