Discussions on the role of the Non-Aligned Movement

Discussions on the role of the Non-Aligned Movement

The repercussions of the current war in Ukraine have resulted in several effects, including their impact on countries’ positions regarding this war. Without delving into those positions again, the ramifications include sparking a debate about the principle of non-alignment. The Non-Aligned Movement was established in 1955 and is based on the national interests of each state. Among these repercussions, they involve the Azerbaijani government’s attempts to activate the role of the Non-Aligned Movement and hold a conference entitled “From Bandung to Baku: The Non-Aligned Movement in a Global Context amidst Transformations and Challenges.” The conference was a comprehensive dialogue among researchers from four different regions of the world, with participation from representatives of Azerbaijan, the Arab Gulf, European countries, and African countries. The sessions covered a range of important topics, including food security, illegal migration, refugees, terrorism, and climate change. The desire of the movement’s countries to adhere to the principles laid out in its charter, particularly concerning national interests, identity, and support for national unity, was also affirmed.

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Dr. Ashraf Keshk, Senior Research Fellow

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